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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

As part of the goal of EDCTP Work Package 4 under the BERC Africa project, the FDA Ghana nominated two officers from its Clinical Trials Department to embark on a extensive professional internship program at Paul-Elhrlich Institut, an Agency of the German Federal Ministry of Health.

The training was intended to build capacity and provide field experience in clinical trial applications, monitoring and evaluation of risk benefit balance of vaccines and biologics.

The 45-days training provided experiential learning in the conduct of Scientific Advice Meeting, Evaluation of Clinical Applications, Clinical and Non-Clinical Assessment, Quality and Statistical Assessment

At the end of the training the Ghanaian delegation expressed their profound gratitude to Paul-Elhrlich Institut and applauded the organizers of the training for the depth of knowledge imparted as well as the networking opportunities created. They noted that the training has further enhanced their knowledge and would enable them to continue to deliver similar capacity building program in Ghana as a Regional Center for Regulatory Excellence in clinical trial in Africa.

From left to right (Dr. Ulysse Ateboa, Dr. Heidi Meiyer, Dr. Yvonne Adu-Boahen, Mr. Richard Osei Buabeng, Dr. Olga Rassokhina)

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